Relationship counselling online

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Are you looking for relationship counselling online? Do you want to improve your current relationship or create a new one? Would you like to learn how to communicate yourself so that you will be heard? Are you having concerns about some aspects of your sexuality and sexual life and would like to talk about it in a safe non-judgemental space? If so I would invite you to consider doing some work together.

My name is Ludmila Gin and I offer relationship counselling online to individuals and couples. As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” It means that each of us brings something unique to that special chemistry that constitutes relationship. Our attitudes, beliefs, fears and defence mechanisms impact our relationship as they inform the way we engage with another person. Therefore the change begins within us and you can benefit from relationship counselling even if you come to the sessions on your own, without your partner.

Couple Counselling 

The need for companionship is one of our basic needs as human beings. It comes along with the need for food and shelter. And the most intimate form of companionship is when two individuals come together in a sexual union.

When I say “sexual” I don’t just mean having sex. Rather I am referring to the union of the masculine and the feminine – the elements that are present in each of us, although in different proportions. How do we make these elements work harmoniously? How do we enhance them and bring out their best potential – in our selves, in our partner, and in “us” as a couple? Sometimes couple counselling can really help both of you to work through your contradictions.

As human beings we are made of contradictions and we have opposing forces operating within us and pulling us in different directions. One such force is the desire to affirm and realize our individuality and our independence. Another is the desire to achieve the sense of wholeness by merging and becoming one with another being.

These opposing desires cannot be fully reconciled. Yet it is possible to find a greater balance between them by gaining insight into how these forces play out within us and within our relationship. When we become aware of what drives us and what hurts us, what excites us and what makes us withdraw and shut down we gain an ability to engage with ourselves and with our partner in ways that are more aligned with our needs, gifts and desires.

You are welcome to contact me to ask any questions and book an exploratory session to find out whether relationship counselling may be right for you.

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  1. Lynn Arnold

    Thanks for writing introductory article!

    General phenomenon is to not discuss the sexual problems or sought out a solution for the same, which further aggravates the problem.

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