How to Deal with Anxiety

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Feelings of anxiety are part and parcel of our human existence. Unless you have mastered the skill of living always in the present moment you will experience anxiety from time to time. It is normal and we are capable of tolerating a certain amount of anxiety without being undermined by it. However, sometimes it can become too much.

  • If you find yourself feeling anxious most of the time,
  • if you are experiencing panic when being in or even thinking of certain situations,
  • if your anxiety is so intense that it stops you from engaging in daily tasks and enjoying life

You may want to check out this page to understand better what causes your anxiety and what help in dealing with anxiety is available.

Underlying causes of anxiety

Basically, anxiety is the fear of the unknown. Or rather the fear that I won’t be able to cope with what is coming – emotionally, physically or both. Whether the danger is real or perceived it doesn’t matter – our subconscious mind responds to it in the same way, as it is wired to keep us safe.

In modern life the pressure on our time and resources is often extremely high. When we are feeling overwhelm our brain begins to send us alarm signals: “Your resources are running low! You need to slow down or you will crash!” Yet very often we don’t believe that slowing down is an option, with all the things and people we are taking care of. So we just keep running and the alarm keeps going on in the form of a persisting anxiety.

Other common sources of anxiety are the fear of failure, the fear of being judged, criticized, rejected or abandoned.

Anxiety often has deeper roots, going back to our childhood.

  • If you didn’t feel safe to express your emotions as a child,
  • if you had to tread on eggshells to keep your parent(s) in a good mood,
  • if you were given a burden of responsibility that was too much for that age (like caring for your younger siblings or a sick parent),
  • if you were emotionally or physically abused or suffered emotional trauma

You may begin to suffer from anxiety later in life, as the pressures on your psychological and physical resources increase.

Be free from anxiety

The good news is that anxiety can be helped! I know it from my own experience as well as from working with other anxiety sufferers and witnessing their transformation.

The best approach to tackling anxiety is by simultaneously addressing the root cause of anxiety and developing the strategies of coping with anxiety in the here and now.

Counselling in combination with EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) prove to be very effective in releasing anxiety from the past and from the present.

You may also want to check my introduction to tapping videos here.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any further questions or wish to book a session.

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