Group Testimonials

“Thank you very much Ludmila for an amazing experience tonight at Friends Meeting House. EFT was totally new to me and the experience took me by surprise. It was a very positive one. I enjoyed the kindness and generosity as well as the fun generated through the group thanks to your expert guidance. I will definitely look into the technique seriously.”

“I want to thank you also for working with me. It was truly effective for me, by the time I got home the churning in my stomach disappeared and this morning coming to work for the first time I had no churning in my stomach. Maybe in was all in my mind, but I felt as though it worked for me. Especially since I have a trust issue and social difficulties, I really felt the space, room and the individuals in it were quite accommodative and supportive.”

“I was surprised how powerful it was doing the tapping in a group and even when tapping on someone else’s negative emotion, it had a minimising effect on my own state.”

“I have noticed that my craving for chocolate and my craving levels or desires have reduced overall. Possibly this is about control and self-control and that feels great in itself.”

“Thank you so much for Friday! You created an incredible atmosphere right from the start; I could really feel everybody relaxing and opening themselves up to the kindness in the room. I had no idea that I was carrying so much anxiety about the children’s schools or that my perception of social inadequacy had become such a barrier… Your kindness, humour, warmth and perception were just what I needed and it felt amazing to be so open in front of such lovely people. Actually the warmth and encouragement in the room really struck me and I carried it with me into that wretched school playground!! You were right – people do have time and don’t find me boring. It was coming from within and I hope to be able to continue to let go of that.”

“Initially I was extremely sceptical about EFT. Before trying a 1 2 1 session I decided to benefit from the offer of a group session first which, much to my surprise, relieved some pain in my knee and foot. After that I decided to try 1 2 1 sessions. I have now had almost weekly sessions during the last 4 months with quite remarkable results.”

“Now you can guess what was behind my reference to feelings of anxiety at your training session… It was the fact that 2 days later (Weds 30th Oct.) I had to get up at 6 a.m. and make my way to Papworth, for a 4-hr major operation! For most other training sessions I would have chosen to spend the evening at home with my wife, but I had already heard of EFT tapping therapy techniques from a sports physiotherapist, and I wanted to have hands-on experience before undergoing the trauma of cardiac surgery.
1. In the event, I used the technique to good effect at 3 different stages:
2. In the middle of the night, during critical care after the operation.
3. When most aware of the pains in parts of my body a few days later.
4. During moments of disturbed emotions, which the detailed notes had warned us could occur both in hospital and after returning home.
In all 3 contexts I found the systematic tapping therapy to be surprisingly effective. I still don’t understand how it works, but it does for me !”

“Thanks so much for your time and effort in what was a really good training. I enjoyed it very much and appreciated your warm and interactive style of teaching. It was very interesting and I will be interested to try it out.”