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Discover Emotional Freedom Technique – Free EFT tapping workshops in Cambridge


EFT tapping is getting more and more known among people interested in holistic approaches to health which recognize the inherent and inseparable connection between mind and body.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an extremely versatile tool that can be used both in therapy and for self-help. Here are just a few examples of the wide range of things where EFT can help:

  • Releasing stress;
  • Overcoming cravings and addictions;
  • Enhancing your meditation practice;
  • Enhancing concentration and creativity;
  • Alleviating depression;
  • Dealing with anxiety;
  • Relieving physical pain;
  • Healing emotional trauma;
  • Building up self-confidence.

The technical aspect of EFT is very simple. It involves lightly tapping with your fingers on certain acupressure/acupuncture points on your head and the upper part of your body. This is why it is nicknamed ‘tapping’ and is sometimes also called ‘acupuncture without needles.’ Yet its apparent simplicity is misleading and it’s not surprising that many people who have learned the basics of EFT from youtube videos or books come away disappointed and say that it doesn’t work for them.

EFT and mindfulness

The secret power of EFT lies not in mechanically applying the tapping. The key to its success is the ability to tune in – as fully as you can – to what is going on within you, on emotional, mental and physical level. And you need to stay tuned in for the whole duration of tapping. This is easier said than done because in our everyday life we are so overloaded with different tasks and activities that we are often hardly aware how we really feel.

When doing tapping work with clients, I often begin by inviting them to ‘locate’ their emotions in their body. We experience emotions viscerally, whether we are aware of it or not. Unlike thoughts, emotions never exist just in our mind, separately from our body. Old metaphors that speak of ‘broken heart’ or ‘carrying the burden on our shoulders,’ or getting ‘butterflies in your stomach’ are not just fancy phrases, but an accurate expression of complex neurological and physiological processes.

Emotions – like a shock wave – reverberate in our system. I like to compare them to a ‘Genie in a bottle,’ a genie that pounds on the narrow walls of its glass prison demanding to be released. If we don’t pay attention to our emotions, they become stuck and turn into deposits of pain in our bodies. How does this happen? Neuroscientists are still unable to give us an answer. But it happens nonetheless.

Scientific research on EFT

EFT helps to clear emotions trapped and stored in our bodies. Once the emotional ‘genies’ are convinced that we are no longer in need of their service they are only too happy to fly away. Our body can then recover and resume its natural functions.

Over recent years, quite a number of clinical studies have been conducted exploring the efficacy of EFT in treating different physical and mental health conditions, see for example:

An attempt has also been made to understand how exactly EFT works, from the point of view of neurology and physiology: It has been suggested that tapping appears to calm the amygdala – the area of our brain responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ reflex. The amygdala, in turn, operates in close conjunction with the hippocampus – another part of the brain, which is thought to be the centre of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. Thus, calming the amygdala helps to ease the intensity of the emotions and disconnect them from memories.

However, as in general with the human brain, much still remains a mystery. And maybe this is not so bad, as it leaves room for excitement, experimentation and discovery…

The use of EFT in counselling

EFT has evolved out of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) developed in the beginning of the 1980s by American clinical psychologist Roger Callahan. Callahan, who had an amateur interest in Chinese medicine, was becoming increasingly frustrated with the slow progress and limited efficacy of traditional talking therapies, and one day – through either inspiration or desperation – he applied tapping on an acupuncture point for treating a patient with water phobia. This produced miraculous results and so started the ball rolling.

My experience concurs with that of Roger Callahan: though talking is essential and provides solid foundation for therapy, very often talking alone is not enough to bridge the gap between the body and the mind. Thus people sometimes come to me after years of counselling and still suffer from the same symptoms.

Tapping serves as a “knock-knock” to your body. It distracts the ‘rational mind’ and allows deep-seated emotions to surface so that they can dissipate. It also allows for communicating the knowledge stored in the ‘rational mind’ down to your body and vice versa. Once this interchange is established, things get moving and flowing, and the shift occurs.

Free EFT tapping workshops at CB2 café in Cambridge

Every first Sunday of the month I run free tapping workshops at CB2 café on Norfolk Street in Cambridge.

If you are interested and happen to be nearby you are very welcome to drop in. We start at 11am in the library upstairs. The first hour is a practical part, followed by questions and discussion over coffee.

Whether you are a complete newcomer to EFT or have already been tapping on your own, you would have something to discover at these workshops. They are fun, heart-warming and uplifting. Also group tapping very often creates a powerful resonance which helps you connect deeper with your self and with others.

There is no need to book your place in advance, but I would be grateful if you could drop me an email if you intend to come so that I know, approximately, how many participants to expect.

Look forward to meeting you! And feel free to drop me an email if you want to ask questions about EFT or to share your story.

With warmest wishes,


PS. Please connect with me on Facebook (Soultap Therapy) to stay in touch and receive updates, offers and other relevant information.

Discover Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshop

Interactive Workshop at CB2 café in Cambridge on 11 March

Have you ever tried to reason with your emotions?

Have you experienced the frustration when your emotions like rebellious kids run their own way and refuse to listen to the logical arguments of your mind? You may tell them: this is just a small thing not worth worrying about! Still you feel anxious and stressed out.

Have you ever felt despairing using positive affirmations? When you repeat over and over again “I am happy, I enjoy life,” while your senses continue to scream, “This is not true! I am unhappy!”

What if the solution were found at your fingertips?

And actually it IS! Literally as well as metaphorically.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an amazing tool that enables you to enter into dialogue with your emotions easily and efficiently by lightly tapping with your fingers on certain acupressure points.

Used in therapy it has helped many people to overcome the most severe emotional conflicts and traumas where years of conventional counselling have made no difference.

Do you want to become a therapist for yourself?

Do you want to become a master of your own emotions?

Do you want to discover the freedom of relating to yourself and to others from your strong centre of love and peace?

Then this workshop is for you! Come and learn how to work a little miracle that will change your life. It is very uplifting, inspiring, practical and fun!

Here is some feedback from people who attended my workshops:

I was surprised how powerful it was doing the tapping in a group and even when tapping on someone else’s negative emotion, it made me feel better.”

I have noticed that my craving for chocolate and my craving levels or desires have reduced overall.  Possibly this is about control and self-control and that feels great in itself.

Thank you so much for Friday! You created an incredible atmosphere right from the start; I could really feel everybody relaxing and opening themselves up to the kindness in the room. I had no idea that I was carrying so much anxiety about the children’s schools or that my perception of social inadequacy had become such a barrier…  Your kindness, humour, warmth and perception were just what I needed and it felt amazing to be so open in front of such lovely people. Actually the warmth and encouragement in the room really struck me and I carried it with me into that wretched school playground!! You were right – people do have time and don’t find me boring. It was coming from within and I hope to be able to continue to let go of that.

Come and join us in an amazing experience on Sunday (11 March) 3-5 pm.

We are meeting at a lovely place – the Function Room of CB2 café (Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD)

The cost is only £ 15 and you are welcome to stay for a drink, to socialize and network.

Please contact Ludmila Gin in advance to reserve your place by emailing or calling 0780 777 12 91.


Ludmila 🙂

Recent EFT Workshop in Cambridge

Last week I held another workshop in Cambridge, this time at my home. First of all I want to thank all the participants once more for contributing their lovely energy and enthusiasm into it.

It is interesting how every workshop has its own character and special theme. This time, with the small group of six people and perhaps also due to the informal character of the venue, a very special atmosphere of warm intimacy and confidentiality was established very quickly.

For me, as a person who grew up in Russia and used to travelling long distances on a train, it reminded of the particular atmosphere that develops in a small compartment between the passengers who are bound to spend several days together. Conversations spark off, hearts open, people relay their deep concerns that they wouldn’t share with their best friend. I could never quite figure out what exactly contributes to this feeling of bonding. Probably, the very paradox of being in a company of people who are complete strangers to each other and yet they are united by the same journey and intimately bound in the small space within a rushing train that carries them to an unknown. For the moment their wills and everyday roles are left aside as they submit themselves to the power of here and now.

So, our gathering last Tuesday possessed something of that quality. I served tea to welcome people stepping in from the dark and windy street, and one of the participants who arrived earlier helped me to prepare the badges with the names. In this way by the time we settled down to start our meeting people already had a chance to interact and ‘rub’ against each other’s personality.

The main theme of this workshop turned out to be… procrastination – the topic relevant to most of us! With two volunteers we have explored the underlying causes for our postponing doing something we want to do – be it getting to bed earlier or learning to ride a bike. We have worked on uncovering and eliminating uncomfortable feelings that imperceptibly interfere with our desire as well as on strengthening our motivation to achieve our set goals.

We also had a profound and interesting discussion about the setting up phrase for the tapping sequences (“Even though I have this feeling/issue/challenge… I deeply and completely love and accept myself”). A few participants said that they felt awkward saying these words aloud, and we explored at some length what the concept of ‘self-acceptance’ and love for oneself may mean. This discussion gave me an inspiration for the next post – to come soon!

EFT Workshop in London on 13 February

Discover Emotional Freedom Technique at my London workshop and learn how to use this amazing therapeutic tool to

  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Get rid of anger and irritation
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Overcome cravings
  • and more!

Date:    Sunday 13 February, 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Venue: 16 Rosslyn Hill, NW3 1PD
Cost:    £ 15

These workshops are very popular and get booked up quickly. The places are limited to ensure that everybody gets the maximum of individual attention. If you are interested in taking part in the workshop please

book your place now

by calling 0780 777 12 91 or emailing

Discover EFT at Christmas Workshop in Cambridge, December 11

Come along to my Christmas EFT Workshop and learn an amazing self-help tool to

  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Get rid of anger and irritation
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Overcome cravings
  • and more!

All workshop participants will receive 50% off a therapy session at Soultap Therapy.

Venue: Salus Wellness, 47 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD
Cost: £ 16

These workshops are very popular and get booked up quickly. The places are limited to 20 people to ensure that everybody gets the maximum of individual attention. Please book your place by calling 0780 777 12 91 or emailing

With warmest Christmas wishes,

Ludmila Gin