World Tapping Summit 2012

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The 2012 World Tapping Summit will start on 7 May:

It is a FREE online event going on for ten days and you can listen to the interviews at any time of the day, whenever it is convenient to you.

Great inspirational speakers, personal trainers and therapists will be taking part. They will share their insights on life challenges we all come across and suggest tapping procedures for different issues. The interviews are full of practical tips and also present a wonderful ‘tap-along’ opportunity to clear your own emotional blocks that hold you back in life.

Here are just a handful of the topics that will be covered:

  • Overcoming overwhelm
  • Pain relief with tapping
  • How to create financial success
  • Healing pain from childhood
  • Weight loss (overcoming food addictions and cravings)
  • Procrastination and perfectionism
  • Insomnia

Visit the website to listen to the three preliminary interviews and get a free simple introduction into tapping:

Feel inspired, liberated and ENJOY!



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2 thoughts on “World Tapping Summit 2012”

  1. Kathryn Jackson

    Maybe my bad leg is to do with fact that I’m so over-loaded. You made a good point about the use of language which we match up with our ailments, psychologically.

    Kathryn Jackson, Ely

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