Tapping World Summit 2014

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) is a gentle and yet very powerful tool for achieving and maintaining emotional health and general wellbeing. EFT can be used for an amazing variety of things, big and small alike. It can aid recovery from a major emotional trauma and build up self-confidence and self-esteem. It is also instrumental in getting rid of our limiting beliefs and instilling new more powerful modes of thinking and relating to life. It has proven to be extremely effective in overcoming craving, fears and phobias and very often it also helps to relieve physical pain.

How does it work? Nobody exactly knows although a number of scientific studies that have been carried out suggest that tapping has an effect on amygdala, our “emotional brain.” But does it matter for EFT users if we don’t know exactly the how? Do we know how electricity works or computers work? Yet we rely on them every day. The important thing is that it does work!

Yet, in spite of the seeming simplicity, applying EFT in an efficient way requires some knowledge and skill. As it is known, EFT works best on very specific things. It treats the source of a problem in order to alleviate the symptoms. But how do we uncover the source? What approach do we follow? What words do we use?

If you like to learn more about using in EFT for yourself and to help others you may greatly benefit from a FREE online annual Tapping World Summit organized by Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner. I take part in the summit every year and always learn something valuable from it. There are very knowledgeable presenters and Jessica is very good at conducting the interviews. The topics covered include:

  • overcoming stress and emotional pain from the past;
  • tapping for physical pain;
  • releasing anxiety and anger;
  • tapping for intimacy;
  • tapping for kids

And more!

The event starts on Feburary 24th. It is completely FREE and there are replays available for each interview. To register please follow this link:


Enjoy the event and share with me your thoughts and experiences!

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