One-to-one Testimonials

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1-2-1 Sessions

“The sessions with Ludmila produced spectacular results for me. I came to see her because of a set of fear and insecurities I was experiencing. For a long time, I had felt like something was holding me back in life, and I finally decided to deal with it. Ludmila was brilliant at analyzing where my fears came from. It turned out that what I thought were different problems actually stemmed from one major sources of insecurity. More specifically, these were insecurities that my mother had because of some experiences in her life. Without me be aware, she had been projecting them onto me. With Ludmila’s help, I was able to finally distance myself from these fears. One major thing I learned in the sessions with Ludmila is how to be aware of the emotions I’m experiencing, and understanding where they come from. This is skill I continue to use and benefit from enormously. Ludmila is an admirable person, with a wonderful ability to listen, and a genuine desire to help others. It was extremely easy to open up to her and talk to her about very personal problems. After some time, I was ready to tell her one of my main ‘secrets’: the deep feelings I had for a person in my life, which I felt were reciprocated, but which I was unable to act upon because of my fears and insecurities. To cut a long story short: not least thanks to the sessions with Ludmila, I was able to finally start a relationship with this person. Last month we got married!”

“Working with Ludmila has been an inspiring and uplifting experience. She is skilled at following the emotional thread of one’s story, picking up on significant incidents and turning ‘crisis points’ into therapeutic opportunities. Ludmila’s sessions are tailored very specifically to the individual so you always feel truly ‘heard’ and understood. Thank you Ludmila!”

“What has become clear since my truly transformative series of sessions with Ludmila is that many of us have key and traumatic moments in our past, possibly our early childhood, which exist within us frozen and rigid, because too much for us to deal with at the time. Although we don’t realise it these moments keep on acting in our current lives, causing problems, and preventing us becoming all that we might be. We assume it’s just our true selves, until we begin to feel something different…

Ludmila’s presence in therapy was truly caring and supportive, providing a safe space in which I immediately felt comfortable enough to discuss anything that was worrying me, or even sit with her in a warm connected silence that seemed truly healing.

I believe the two complementary aspects of the therapy Ludmila provided for me were truly powerful – firstly a free ranging discussion, where Ludmila’s almost magical empathy for my situation allowed her to clearly home in on the important areas, followed by a ‘tapping’ session in which amazingly I found myself time traveling to key times of my childhood, and either re-living the event, maybe in the way I had always wanted to, or putting my adult self in the service of the child back then, as a supportive or healing presence. Ludmila gently lead me through this process with great skill, seeming to know exactly when to push me a bit further, or bring me back on track if I lost the thread. What was striking about these experiences was how something felt fundamentally different afterwards, as if I really had lived it out in the way I always wanted to, or had that genuine support at the time. I was left feeling as if the power of those key childhood traumas had been defused, their frozen nature thawing and flowing away, leaving an exciting sense of possibility and freedom.

I believe Ludmila is a powerful catalyst for personal growth, and a truly warm and healing presence. The times I have spent with her have been some of the most creative, pleasurable, and interesting I can remember.
The funny thing is sometimes you only realise how blocked you’ve been when you begin to feel something different. So maybe if you have the slightest inkling that things aren’t quite right in your life, just have a couple of sessions with Ludmila .. You may find your life opening up and transforming in quite remarkable ways!”

“I had been seeing a conventional psychotherapist for a year to help with some traumatic experiences and difficulties I had been burying that had led to depression, confusion and a sense of disconnection, the therapy was very helpful but I felt that it wasn’t ‘tapping into my soul’. I personally didn’t feel just talking and rational thinking was going to bring about the change that I needed to achieve a real shift. Therefore I sought out Ludmila after seeing her poster in a shop window in Cambridge having already heard of and intrigued by EFT.

And I am so glad I did seek her out! I have been seeing Ludmila now once a week for several weeks and instantly started to really look forward to the sessions and the resonating positive effects they are beginning to have on me and my life. I find these sessions with Ludmila are like the precious time with a wise friend/family member/mentor you always wish you had in your life – somebody that is so insightful and discerning that can instantly understand any issue you may need to work through thus really helping you overcome past and present difficulties and blocks that prevent you from moving on and living the life you want. Ludmila gives you that as well as a deep sense that she is very grounded in her knowledge and understanding of the human psyche. I find Ludmila and her approach to therapy very warm, nurturing and caring as well as interesting, challenging and enlightening.

I am very happy I made the decision to progress from conventional counselling to seeing Ludmila who is able to bridge both conventional therapy with a unique therapy that works through your emotions and touches your soul. I have no doubt that this holistic approach which combines thinking, feeling and acting has a profound effect on all aspects of your being and life, which I find exciting.

Thank you Ludmila for your generosity, kindness and your gift of intuitive healing, I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

“Initially I was extremely sceptical about EFT. Before trying a 1 2 1 session I decided to benefit from the offer of a group session first which, much to my surprise, relieved some pain in my knee and foot. After that I decided to try 1 2 1 sessions. I have now had almost weekly sessions during the last 4 months with quite remarkable results. With Ludmila’s help I have worked on various issues – some of which are deeply rooted in various childhood experiences and which have been “troubling” me over the past and impoverishing my life, culminating in recent poor health.

During my sessions and with occasional sessions of Reiki I have looked at issues which include death, bereavement, grief, loss, as well as issues of fear of abandonment and its consequences. Together we have worked on how all these issues have affected the whole of my life. I can now recognise and accept that my work and friendships and family life have suffered as well as my own health and my mentally and emotional states. What I particularly like about Ludmila’s approach is that it is broad and she is open-minded. Her work is not purely EFT based. It involves other complementary approaches such as Nero-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, guided visualization, as well as the elements of psychotherapy. The combination is seriously effective.”

Since I began working with Ludmila, I have definitely noticed a marked improvement in my life from the point of view of health, self-confidence and self-respect. My children, husband and friends have noticed how much happier and healthier I seem to be. They all encourage me to continue and I am so glad that I have finally invested time and money in MYSELF! I consider myself very lucky to have found Ludmila as a therapist. She is not only remarkably skilled at enabling such successful 1 2 1 sessions but also extremely aware and sensitive to the psyche.

I am very grateful for the work we did together last autumn. It helped me a lot, and I really feel that thanks to it I’ve been able to develop a better attitude to dealing with insecurities and setbacks. I am together with my boyfriend and really enjoying this new experience.

“I have had amazing results seeing Ludmila for EFT therapy.

At the time we started I was having an extremely difficult time dealing with overwhelming emotions and realisations going through the break up of my 17 year marriage, challenges in a new relationship and confidence issues in my career.

So the journey began….. I immediately felt comfortable and safe in the sessions with Ludmila and throughout I have found her to be an extremely warm, generously spirited person who is firmly rooted within her boundaries.

Each session became an exciting adventure, identifying an emotional symptom and then working together to track down the ROOT of the discomfort. We would often visit childhood memories that I had done my best to forget because thinking about those memories or discussing them previously would fill me with shame. I was stunned how within a session, one could ascend through a whole array of emotional reactions, to a single memory. And then at the end be left with barely a memory at all because it no longer had poisonous spines that was affecting my perceptions and experience in the now.

Thank you so much Ludmila for this gift of freedom!”

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