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Dear friends and fellow seekers,

I am writing this to invite you to share your experiences and insights about EFT, Reiki and other techniques and approaches to healing and spiritual growth.

Contrary to common misconceptions, therapy is not a one-way process, but an exchange through which both a therapist and a person seeking help enrich their knowledge of life, of predicaments and joys of human existence, and truly become companions on a journey. I am feeling deeply grateful to all my clients and participants in my workshops for opening their hearts to me, for reaching out in response to my call for connection and re-discovering the world together. Because every intimate contact with a human being (and indeed with any living thing!) transforms our understanding of reality, taking us beyond the limits of a single personal experience.

For me every new person I meet is an unknown planet, which I approach like an astronaut, with a mixture of fascination, trepidation and a hope for establishing a connection. Yes, we are all different and unique. But – thanks to our human nature – we all have something in common. We all suffer, experience love, pain, and fear of being hurt and left behind. Sometimes these experiences can be very intense and lead us to feel isolated and forsaken by God, universe and fellow human beings. When we connect and share our vulnerability as well as our love, the ice fields of isolation begin to melt away, the grip of fear on our hearts loosens, and a spring of joy leaps up within us. Then many things that seemed impossible suddenly become doable!

That is why I am inviting you to take part in a conversation at this blog. To share your thoughts, your experiences during our meetings and outside of them. Your observations and insights about tapping, Reiki, yoga, and other spiritual and healing practices. Free surfers blown to this website by random internet winds are most welcome to join in too!

This post – I suggest – can be a platform for a general discussion, although I will also continue publishing posts on specific topics, and you are most welcome to reply to them.

I very much look forward to our discussion – please write on!


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8 thoughts on “EFT Discussion Forum”

  1. Glenda Carroll

    I was a little sceptical prior to attending the EFT workshop last weekend.
    However, my sceptisism was soon eradicated when I had EFT demonstrated on me to deal with my fear of flying. I found the whole experience very powerful and hard hitting leaving me quite drained but more able to deal with my profound fear even thinking of aircraft and the thought of flying. I believe the proof will be when I have to fly but at least this is a big step for me in facing this phobia I have.

  2. Ben Huss

    Tapping is a real joy and I couldn’t agree with you more about therapy not being a one-way process. Seeing the positive change a client makes is invaluable too. I am always impressed how even cognitively EFT helps change they way people think about their perceived challenges and learn that not only is change possible, It’s quick. Who would of known just tapping in certain places and saying certain phrases could have life transforming implications.

    1. Mila Post Author

      Hi Ben — thank you for your comment! I also trained with Judy Byrne and would be happy to meet you sometime in person at some international EFT gathering. Happy New Year! Ludmila

  3. Daniel Lee

    In your initial blog Mila, you mentioned fear and how it can stop us achieving things in life.

    For me personally, Fear is always there, the inner voice saying to me “you cant do this….you cant do that… oh thats gonna be too scary and best of all “what happens if…….”

    i have tapped alot on my fear recently. I accepted fear is only natural…..but if you can get over the fear, life and the your life experiences can be so much more fulfilling.

    1. Mila Post Author

      You have raised a very important topic, Dan. I started writing down my thoughts in response and it developed into a new post, which I have just added. Please have a look! Ludmila

  4. kaylie

    A friend sent me your site. I have read through it and now I have a question: How do modern Japanese and ancient Egyptian spiritual therapies relate to one another? At least to the uninitiated, it doesn’t immediately seem like the most natural pair of practices to combine.

    1. Ludmila Post Author

      Hi Kaylie,

      First of all – so sorry for such a delayed reply to your very interesting question! I’ve been intending to put aside some time and think of it properly and then got somehow distracted by other things, so that it slipped beyond my mind’s vision. Please accept my apologies and hope that you are still there to read my answer.

      Practice of energy healing (through laying on hands or without a contact) is very ancient, and has been known in different forms in many cultures. The Gospels’ accounts of Jesus’ miraculous healings could be taken as one such example. In some traditions (such as Tibet) the “secret” of the energy healing was passed from a master to a pupil, in a direct “lineage,” as a part of his training. This is still the practice today. The student is “attuned” by a Reiki Master, who has been attuned by his/her Master, and so on, going back to the founder of a particular energy healing system. When you have been attuned to more than one form of energy, you usually cannot distinguish between them when administering them to a recipient. In this way Reiki and Seichim become combined in one therapy. Both have roots in ancient practices, but both have been “rediscovered” in the new age through mystical experiences of their founders.

      Some believe that Reiki has more of a masculine aspect (yang) while Seichim, being linked with a goddess Sekhmet, is dominated by the feminine element (ying), but I cannot say that I personally could feel it.

      Hope you find this explanation helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions or write new comments! I’ll try to be more efficient with my responses. 🙂

      Thank you and warm wishes,

  5. Jake Brown

    Hi There

    I would like to share my experience of using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to solve an issue with a practitioner, which turns out to be pretty successful.

    The issue I had to solve since several years is some kind of social phobia or agoraphobia or high panic when being among people. This was very obvious when I had to talk in front of several people. Almost enable to talk, a strong feeling of dying, and profound sadness. This created lot of depression, distress, fear, stress, and relationship issues. For years I tried different therapies, but never really solved the problem.

    One day I heard about EFT, and found a practitioner. And within 3 sessions of 1 hour each, this panic I had for several years is completely gone. After those sessions I went in another situation, and the panic was gone. I feel like living again.

    Thank you EFT.

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