Is EFT tapping compatible with Christianity? Video interview with Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward

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Can you think of the person – apart from your parents – who has influenced you most in your life? Somebody who had an impact on your way of thinking and relating to yourself and the world around you? For me Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward is such a person and it is a special pleasure and a privilege to share with you his radiant, open-hearted message. I met Simon ten years ago when I first came to Cambridge through my involvement in an interfaith dialogue program. And one of our first conversations was about meditation and different approaches to meditative practices in different religious and cultural traditions. Immediately I was struck by his open-mindedness, free of any shred of dogma and at the same time deeply grounded in his faith.

Simon and his wife Jean have become like spiritual parents to me and their home became for me (as it did for many people) a place of healing. They supported me throughout my struggle with my PhD and when I embarked on the path of therapy, it was Simon who encouraged me and urged me on. Indeed, Simon and Jean took part in one of my first EFT workshops and thus he really seems to be the best person to ask the questions that some people of Christian faith have been asking me:

  • Is EFT/tapping compatible with Christianity?
  • Is it okay for a Christian to practice non-Christian type of healing?
  • Is our physical body something bad or negative?

If you want to hear Simon’s view on these and other questions watch these videos below. Even though Simon speaks of Christianity, his message is really wider and can benefit a seeker from any spiritual and cultural background. His genuineness, inner freedom and love transcend the boundaries of Christian tradition and reach out to all of us, united in our humanity.

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