Christmas gifts: EFT and Reiki in Cambridge

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Greetings to fellow travelers and gift bearers!

With Christmas season approaching, we all begin to search our brains for gift ideas. What could we give to our children, parents, partners, friends that we haven’t already given them before? Something truly special. New toy? A bottle of wine? Computer game? Nice warm scarf?

When I was a child I used to create hand-made gifts for every member of my family on birthdays and holidays. It could be a picture, a little figurine carved out of a pine bark, a music box (that sometimes would not play). I remember the pleasure of both making and giving these little tokens of love. This crafting stopped when I entered Uni and received my first monthly stipend, which I spent on buying “real,” “proper,” manufactured presents…

But what are the REAL gifts? What is it we all wish – for ourselves and for our loved ones? Isn’t it always the same fundamental things – HEALTH, LOVE, JOY and PEACE – in our hearts and around us? We pray for these, we travel far in search for them and sometimes we don’t realize that they can be found at our fingertips…

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple and most amazing technique that enables us to literally tap with our fingers into the source of wellbeing within ourselves. With my discovery of EFT and Reiki, I have returned to giving presents created by my hands and soul. And this is something that brings me an immense joy. Therefore I am very happy to offer you and those close to you my special Christmas gifts.

If you want to celebrate this Christmas feeling

– lighter
– brighter
– more relaxed
– more at peace with yourself and your family

you are most welcome to treat yourself to a half-price session with me:

£ 20 for 1h. Reiki
£ 40 for 1,5. h. EFT (or EFT + Reiki)

This could also be a perfect gift idea for someone you love.

Although I am based in Cambridge, I also offer sessions via telephone and Skype.

If you would like to talk and learn more before coming to a session please give me a call or drop an email to book your free consultation now.

With warmest wishes,


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