The Strong, the Weak and the Vulnerable

Working as a therapist I learned that many people interpret strength and weakness exactly the way I used to do. We tend to associate strength with the ability to block out our emotions or pretend that we are unruffled by them. This perception, however, is being seriously challenged and sometimes completely reversed once we begin to engage in earnest self-exploration. 

Wisdom of Serenity: Notes from the Therapy Journey

(By guest author Louise)   It came upon me unexpectedly. Well, not wholly unexpectedly. I found myself in burnout. A combination of mental and physical exhaustion built up over five and half months. The foremost feeling was one of losing myself. I felt lost and confused. In a mist, I had lost track of who I … Continue reading Wisdom of Serenity: Notes from the Therapy Journey »

Depression Therapy Online

  Depression is like a twilight of a soul when lights are dimmed and colours are muted. Alongside with anxiety, depression is a very common mental health problem. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways and in some cases can be extremely debilitating. Depression Therapy Online makes counseling for depression more accessible than … Continue reading Depression Therapy Online »

Online Group Therapy: you are welcome to join!

Welcome to Online Group Therapy. As days are growing shorter and nights colder what can be better than spending time in a warm circle of caring supportive people? Especially in the present, when new restrictions on socializing are being introduced every day my online therapy group offers a friendly hub where you can feel safe to … Continue reading Online Group Therapy: you are welcome to join! »