Depression Therapy Online

  Depression is like a twilight of a soul when lights are dimmed and colours are muted. Alongside with anxiety, depression is a very common mental health problem. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways and in some cases can be extremely debilitating. Depression Therapy Online makes counseling for depression more accessible than … Continue reading Depression Therapy Online »

Online Group Therapy: you are welcome to join!

Welcome to Online Group Therapy.¬†As days are growing shorter and nights colder what can be better than spending time in a warm circle of caring supportive people? Especially in the present, when new restrictions on socializing are being introduced every day my online therapy group offers a friendly hub where you can feel safe to … Continue reading Online Group Therapy: you are welcome to join! »

Beyond Words: Body-mind healing practices

How words help us Body-mind healing practices don’t form part of conventional counselling and psychotheraphy. Western therapeutic approach to helping our turbulent minds and souls is traditionally based on talking. And, of course, the ability to comprehend and express ourselves in words is an integral part of our experience as human beings. Through telling a … Continue reading Beyond Words: Body-mind healing practices »